Superman and Lois: Broken Trust

After what felt like a really long hiatus, Superman and Lois returns to finish their first season. The initial several episodes really impressed me, and I guess I wasn’t alone in that since the show was approved for a second season in record time.

Superman and Lois: Haywire

I’ve watched a lot of superheroes on tv and in the movies. There have been good versions, and horrible ones, creative spins on old favorites, and interesting new heroes with new stories to tell. What’s impressing me with Superman and Lois is that it’s a show about actual, mature characters.

Superman and Lois: The Perks of Not Being A Wallflower

The first episode was fantastically well done, and I admit, I wondered if that was just kind of major effort for their start and things would trail off. So far, they haven’t. The show has done well with the characters, the writing, the acting, and respecting the Superman mythos but still blazing their own trail.