Arrow: Purgatory

The final season is nearing its end, Oliver’s prophecied death is at hand, and the Crisis is just about to start. The show has had some ragged seasons, but this one has been great, and I’m really going to miss this show when it goes away.

Arrow: Present Tense

Last episode ended with a major surprise as the future team suddenly appeared in the current era bunker, along with Oliver, transported from Nanda Parbat. Now, two generations of heroes and families are trying to figure out what’s going on and how, or if, they can work together.

Arrow: Welcome to Hong Kong

    Arrow continues their eighth and final season with a goodbye tour of stories past. “Welcome to Hong Kong” is a nod to many events in season three, with more flash forwards of the now somewhat less dark future of Star City.

Arrow: Starling City

  It can be argued the modern era of superhero television got its start with Smallville. That show to one side, the more direct start would have to be Arrow, which spawned the CW DC Universe, which is up to five shows now and hundreds of characters.

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Flash: King Shark

“King Shark” picks up moments after “Escape from Earth 2″ ends. Caitlin, mute, in shock, stares at the Speed Cannon where Zoom just grabbed (and probably killed) Jay as the others stand around, horrified. Barry wants to go back and help, but Wells says they can’t. All the Breaches have been closed, so there’s no way back. Mind you, Wells tends to be the pessimist of the group, but, for the moment, he’s apparently right.