Luke Cage: Soul Brother #1

     Luke Cage is back for his second season, and the “Hero of Harlem” has problems coming for him. “Soul Brother #1” is the first episode of the season, and it starts the set up after a helpful recap of first season.

Iron Fist: Dragon Plays With Fire

Iron Fist reaches the conclusion of season one (with sadly no confirmed word on season two as yet) with “Dragon Plays With Fire.” There are a lot of dangling threads they manage to (mostly) resolve, and they leave enough hanging if the show does return. And I’m relieved that a troubling rumor I heard about the show is proven false.

Iron Fist: Lead Horse Back To Stable

  This is another review that has spoilers in it, so be warned: there are spoilers below. The 11th episode of Iron Fist, “Lead Horse Back To Stable,” begins with a flashback to a very significant event in Danny’s life. Davos finds Danny just outside a cave, sprawled on the rocks there. Davos sees through…

Iron Fist: The Mistress of All Agonies

I try to write my reviews to avoid spoilers. Sometimes, that isn’t possible. The ninth episode of Iron Fist, “The Mistress of All Agonies,” is one of those times. So beware, I start off with spoilers and have more of them throughout. I just don’t see how to do this episode without them. I had…

Iron Fist: The Blessing of Many Fractures

Last time was a lot of plot and character development. With “The Blessing of Many Fractures,” we dive back into a lot more action. The scenes before the credits are divided between Danny going back to Harold’s place, and Claire at home. Claire is reading a letter from Luke Cage, which is a really nice…

Iron Fist: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

“Under Leaf Pluck Lotus” starts off differently than the other episodes of Iron Fist so far. Three women with matching bags walk down the street in prefect step, finally separating at an intersection. These three are drug reps like you find in any big city, except that they are selling the new heroin we’ve been…


Luke Cage: DWYCK

Luke Cage’s ninth episode is the somewhat confusingly titled DWYCK. They never explain this during the actual show, so I had to go hunting around a bit before I found out that means, “Do What You Can, Kid.” I don’t know where that’s from, but I’d never heard it/seen it before this. EDIT: Apparently the initials are from a song that had a somewhat shady meaning, and, as Cage tends to do, he gave it a better meaning.


Luke Cage: Blowin’ Up The Spot

Luke Cage’s eighth episode is “Blowin’ Up The Spot,” and opens where the last one stopped, with Luke and Claire both very surprised that he got shot. He gets taken away in an ambulance, which Claire says is being driven by a friend of hers who is “discreet.” It doesn’t matter how discreet he is, as the shooter follows them and uses some kind of explosive to knock the ambulance over. The shooter stalks them, and apparently knows Cage from his early life, as he calls him, “Carl.”


Luke Cage: Manifest

“Manifest” is the seventh Luke Cage episode. It starts off with an amusing scene of Zip trying to do a gun deal. Cage walks up, and everyone runs off to his, “Do I even have to say it?” Zip makes an ominous comment and then runs off after his clients while Luke makes short work of the guns.


Luke Cage: Just To Get A Rep

I’ve enjoyed all the Netflix series so far. I can’t point even a bad episode of any of them. But I have to say that “Just To Get A Rep” might be the best of all of them so far. It was an impressive piece of writing and acting. There was some action, but what was much more striking was the clash of ideas that took up the end of the episode.