I’ve been reading comics much of my life, and I tend to favor the obscure and overshadowed ones for whatever reason. A long time favorite of mine is Captain Marvel, who has gone through many changes since first appearing back in 1939.

The Original Captain Marvel: A Quick History

When the Marvel Studios Captain Marvel came out recently, I posted a rough history of the various Captains Marvel. With DC’s Shazam now out, and number one at the box office opening weekend, it seemed like a good time for a history of this specific character.

Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe takes another step forward (or is that backwards?) as Captain Marvel chronicles events from several years before things started off with Iron Man.

A Brief History of the Captains Marvel

With the movie coming up soon, it’s a good time to ask “Who Is Captain Marvel?” As with most comic book characters who have been around a while, the answer is both, “It’s complicated,” and “Which one do you mean?”