Supergirl: Rebirth

The Arrowverse is still trying to sort out the various effects of the COVID pandemic on their production schedules. With delays slowing down Superman and Lois, Supergirl returns to take their time slot for that show’s final season. Last season ended on a different cliffhanger than was intended, as the season lost three episodes out of their original schedule.

Supergirl: The Bodyguard

There have been a lot of developments this season, as Obsidian Tech prepares a whole new (virtual) world, Lena remains convinced she knows what’s best for everyone whether they agree, or even know, or not, Lex runs the DEO, and everyone else tries to adapt to the various changes wrought by Crisis.

Supergirl: Confidence Women

    Supergirl’s season five has been the weakest so far with a lot of flaws and some really irksome characters. One of them, Andrea Rojas, has been a workplace adversary for Kara Danvers since she bought CatCo and upended the standards of excellence that place used to have.