I’ve never been a huge fan of Venom. I’m a big superhero fan, absolutely, but Venom started as a supervillain who later became, at best, an anti-hero. He/they also have a very complicated history that needs to be greatly simplified whenever it’s adapted, for cartoons or the recent movie.


I’ve been reading comics much of my life, and I tend to favor the obscure and overshadowed ones for whatever reason. A long time favorite of mine is Captain Marvel, who has gone through many changes since first appearing back in 1939.

Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe takes another step forward (or is that backwards?) as Captain Marvel chronicles events from several years before things started off with Iron Man.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I’ve been reading comics since the mid 1980’s, and watching the movies and tv shows as they come along. Let’s just say I’ve seen a lot of them, and enjoyed most of them. All that said, and admitting I had a few reservations going in, I’m going to say Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse might be the best Spider-Man movie I’ve seen,

Ant-Man and the Wasp

         I don’t think I’ve seen a bad movie from Marvel Studios yet. I’ll grant I’m not wild about the Hulk, but I’ve never really liked the character (barring Peter David’s amazing run on the comic) and I’m not sure how much that one counts considering they recast the main character and the teased villain was never followed up on.