Peacemaker: It’s Cow Or Never

The season finale of the insane ride that has been Peacemaker is here. There have been all sorts of twists and turns and few losses along the way. Now the team, and they’re finally starting to act like one, comes together to try and end the menace of the Butterfly invasion.

Peacemaker: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Peacemaker’s first season is almost over. We’ve learned about the threat of the alien butterfly invasion, seen the really weird dynamics of this not-quite-a-team, and gotten some insights into at least some of the characters. Now things are building up to the final confrontation, and it’s getting ugly.

Peacemaker: Monkey Dory

We’ve had a few hints about what’s going on with the alien butterflies in Peacemaker. It’s ostensibly the reason the team has been put together, but we’ve been told very little about the larger picture. They finally fix parts of that, and give us several surprises, in “Monkey Dory.”

Peacemaker: Better Goff Dead

The surprisingly entertaining insanity that is Peacemaker continues its way through the season. We’ve heard the tiniest bit about their mission, and met the team assembled for it. Now, the very odd anti-hero, the team that doesn’t like him, and his stalkerish best friend come together and start tackling the problem.

Peacemaker: Best Friends for Never

John Cena’s Peacemaker was an odd but entertaining part of 2021’s The Suicide Squad. Apparently writer/director James Gunn thought so too, creating a spinoff series for the character, despite his apparent death near the end of the movie. Now back and with a team of misfits on a special mission we’re learning very little about, Peacemaker is out of his depth and flailing around in “Best Friends for Never,” his show’s second episode.

Stargirl: Brainwave

While there’s a lot of focus on one character, we see bits and pieces of a few other things of importance. I love that they are throwing in so many things for long term readers like me, but you don’t have to know them to follow the story.

Arrow: All For Nothing

Arrow’s “All For Nothing” starts with Quentin and Oliver trying something new to get some help in the seemingly futile struggle against Cayden James. James continues to be one step ahead and virtually omniscient. Let’s just say that while Quentin and Oliver don’t get what they want, some ARGUS agents have a much worse

Arrow: Deathstroke Returns

Deathstroke? Hey, I’m back too…

The episode “Deathstroke Returns” starts off from a different point of view. Specifically, we see Councilwoman Pollard, who only seems to exist to oppose whatever Mayor Queen is doing and generally be a pain in his ass, through a gunsight.