Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer #1 thoughts

As we all know, there’ll be a new MCU movie for the rest of our lives UNTIL WE’RE DEAD… or the series becomes unprofitable.  But for now, Marvel Studios has been consistently pumping out entertaining movies entertaining movies for ten years and I’m still along for the ride.

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Saga Volume One comic book review

I know this isn’t exactly hot off the presses, but that’s the thing about comics (or art in general) – if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.  Such is the case with Saga.  The story unfolds against the backdrop of a lush galaxy that would make Star Wars blush with embarrassment.  The characters are wonderfully realized, well rounded and the designs!

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old man hawkeye

Marvel goes back to the well (again) with Old Man Hawkeye

I am beyond exhausted with Marvel’s never ending Nostalgia train. Is that what it is? I really don’t know. Maybe they’re just out of ideas. Another Secret Wars, another Civil War, and so on and so on. This time, we’re getting a prequel to Old Man Logan in the face of Old Man Hawkeye. See…

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Why I’m NOT Seeing #JusticeLeague

Here’s the new episode of my show, Quick Reviews – today, I’m talking about the DCEU and how they lost me as an audience member. This is the episode Warner Bros doesn’t want you to see – they blocked it from YouTube! Here’s the new episode of Quick Reviews, a quick essay on why…

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