Marvel goes back to the well (again) with Old Man Hawkeye

old man hawkeye

I am beyond exhausted with Marvel’s never ending Nostalgia train. Is that what it is? I really don’t know. Maybe they’re just out of ideas. Another Secret Wars, another Civil War, and so on and so on. This time, we’re getting a prequel to Old Man Logan in the face of Old Man Hawkeye. See how they slightly changed the title? Totally different.

Here’s the summary:

old man hawkeye

Despite this being a retread of the Old Man Logan story with a Clint Barton skin on it, WHY THE HELL WOULD HAWKEYE SIT AROUND FOR 45 YEARS AND DO NOTHING AND NOW THAT HE CAN BARELY SEE AND IS OVER 70, HE DECIDES, “HMM, GUESS I BETTER GET OFF MY ASS.”

That just strikes me as not only dumb, but wildly out of character. (The latter sin is worse. (Ideas like Old Man Hawkeye are literally the reason I named the site Comic Book Clog. Just keep flooding the marketplace full of crap, gang, I’m sure it’ll work out.

I want to read Marvel Comics, but they’ve got to meet me half way. Maybe take a chance on a new story, or create a new character that’s not exactly like an existing character. (I like Miles Morales, BUT HE’S STILL SPIDER-MAN!) Give a new creator free reign to go into uncharted territory. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

I’m begging you, Marvel – it won’t take much to bring me back into the fold, but you’ve got to do better than this.


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