Legends of Tomorrow: Zari


It’s been to long since I got too shoot someone…

Now that they’ve gotten the season going, we’re back to the voice-over intros for the Legends of Tomorrow. Sara is doing it this week, and talks about how they broke time. She’s a bit sarcastic, if accurate, and it’s an amusing lead-in for the show.

In Seattle of 2042, ARGUS rules the streets and is making announcements about the anti-metahuman curfew. It’s sounding like another grim near-future. Ever notice superheroes never do well in future scenarios? In this case, Kuasa, the water witch, shows up to kill an ARGUS prisoner. She makes short work of the guards, but is very annoyed to learn the prisoner is gone. As she stalks off, Gary from the Time Bureau observes and calls in an emergency Code 99 to the rest of his people.

On the Waverider, Nate and Stein are talking about Amaya’s problems with her Totem. Their discussion gets broken up when they notice Amaya herself clinging to the ceiling, surrounded by a spider-spirit. Nate, somewhat rashly, wakes her up, and she drops to the table neatly. She’s worried about her powers mis-firing and endangering the ship. Stein insists in taking her to the med-bay, despite her pointing out that her powers are mystical, not scientific.

Sara has intercepted Gary’s signal, and conferences with Jax and Mick. Mick is indifferent to the “time-dweeb” being in trouble, and Jax, for once, agrees with Mick. When Sara protests that they help people in trouble, Mick leans back and rasps, “I don’t.” Despite his protests, they go to Seattle and send out a scout team of Jax (without Stein), Ray (without his armor), Sara, and Mick. They don’t even come up with a justification for splitting up the halves of Firestorm this week. After dodging ARGUS patrols, they eventually find Gary. After regrouping on the ship and a lot of arguing, Sara wants to press forward to find the prisoner and stop the would-be assassin.

The prisoner, Zari Tomaz (I’ll talk about her name later) is hiding out in a grimy industrial space when the team catches up with her, this time at least in full gear. She’s not convinced they are there to help, and, when an ARGUS drone shows up to arrest them, she hacks it to go after the team. Oddly, the drone identifies them all as being in the metahuman database. Sara has no powers, and Ray’s and Mick’s abilities are dependant on technology. Maybe they need to rename the database? Zari makes her escape, and, for some reason, Ray doesn’t blast the drone until after she’s gone. ARGUS troops show up to play cannon-fodder, and the team trashes them, although a very annoyed Mick doesn’t get to blast anyone with his heat gun. As they leave, Kuasa watches them from the shadows.

Stein and Amaya talk in the medbay, and she’s annoyed but not surprised when he can’t find anything wrong. Nate stops by to check on her, and she gets irked with the both of them. Nate makes a decent suggestion, but she stomps off. I can kind of see both sides on that one.

The team meets up again to discuss what to do. Eventually, and ignoring Gary’s protests, they decide to go after Zari, and draw on Mick’s knowledge of the underground. Oddly, he seems really familiar with a bar in Seattle, although his usual stomping grounds are Central City. They meet up with Zari, and impress her with their talk of a ship. Kuasa shows up, sparking a fight between her and Sara, and then Mick starts a bar brawl to cover their retreat. Kuasa looks annoyed.

Zari is amazed at the Waverider. She’s really impressed with the ship, less so with Gary, who fulfills his own prophecy by telling her about time travel. Gary complains they are supposed to be capturing the time traveling killer, not grabbing her prey. Zari agrees to be bait, but insists on breaking her brother out of an ARGUS prison first. Mick looks amused and says, “Hmm. Prison Break. I’m in.” Prison Break, of course, is the show that Dominic Purcell, who plays Mick, got his first big break on. Just like Martin Stein made a crack about the Titanic earlier in the season, which was a big role for that actor, Victor Garber.

Nate talks to Amaya in the study. Despite what she believes, he is taking her problem seriously, and has come up with a unique treatment plan. She’s both worried and amused by what he’s done. Seeing that his heart is in the right place, and not having a lot of alternatives, she agrees to his idea. I kind of question his timing, but I can understand him being worried.

At the ARGUS site, the team sneaks in and Sara gets in a great line about their cover, although the guard on the receiving end likely didn’t appreciate it. Jax sees what’s going on there, is horrified, and has something of an overreaction. Later, the team learns Zari isn’t quite playing things straight with them, and then a mob of prisoners utterly ignores the people in ARGUS suits as they flow by. That, I don’t get. Plus, despite this being a metahuman prison, none of the escapees demonstrate any powers at all. Zari also reveals what she’s after, and a link between her and Amaya. Mick finally gets to shoot someone when more guards show up. Ray calls for Nate to cover their retreat, and the very impaired man tries to get to the bridge. Why either Stein or Gideon couldn’t handle the piloting chores, I’m not sure, but it made for a damn entertaining scene. The team finally catches up with Zari in time to see what Mick calls a “cool getaway.” Ray takes off after her.

While Stein checks on Amaya, the others figure out what to do next. Sara wants to kill her, which shocks Gary. Mick is starting to like her. They debate about what to do next, and Sara sees what’s wrong with Nate, which leads to more amusing scenes, and the prescription of, “a glass of water and a fidget spinner.”

While Amaya gets a vision and some vague advice from an ancestor spirit, Zari arrives at her destination. She’s not happy when she sees what’s become of the place, and Ray tries to offer comfort as well as telling her they need to get going. We learn enough about Zari for me to figure out who she is, and then Kuasa shows up. Ray calls for backup just as the Waverider is confronted by a gigantic Time Bureau ship. Gary admits he called in Agent Sharpe before portalling away like the coward he is. Sharpe gives Sara orders, and that goes about as well as you’d expect.

The Waverider and the Time Bureau ship clash while Ray does his best to hold off Kuasa. It doesn’t go well. Stein is actually a really annoying coward throughout this scene, which I find a bit out of character. Sara, Stein, and Nate stay aboard while the others, including a recovered Amaya, go to help Ray. Sara has a rather unique method for dealing with Sharpe and company.

The team shows up to help Ray and Zari. Zari proves she has at least some sense. While I’m annoyed they took their most powerful player (Firestorm) off the board for no good reason once again, Jax at least brought a weapon that makes sense to use on a water witch: Snart’s cold gun. But it doesn’t come to that as Amaya does something very unexpected, and Kuasa reveals another link. Sharpe, whose first name is Ava, threatens the team some more but goes away, provoking a nasty response from Gideon, who is usually the level-headed one. Nate and Amaya almost have a tender moment, but he misunderstood something. While he can be an immature pain, I kinda feel bad for Nate this episode.

The team ends up recruiting Zari, after they make some good points about why she should join them. It’s mostly Amaya, with some help from Mick, doing the persuading. The show ends with an ominous scene. I think the past is catching up with one of the Legends, in several senses of the word.

What I liked: There was a lot of action, and Kuasa is a formidable threat. The in jokes about past roles of the actors are entertaining. Nate’s little adventure showed that Nick Zano has some great comedic timing. Zari is going to be an interesting addition to the team, both due to her skills as a hacker and her background. Mick’s liking for Zari was fun and made sense. Amaya had a great scene near the end. Good thinking on Jax’s choice of weapon.

What I didn’t: Again, they take out their two most powerful heroes (Steel and Firestorm) once the big action starts. Stein was uncharacteristically annoying. He keeps that up, I won’t mind when he leaves. A lot of things in the ARGUS prison didn’t make any sense. Sharpe is getting to be irksome. If the team intercepted Gary’s distress call, why didn’t Sharpe show up earlier? She should have still gotten it.

There were pluses and minuses for this episode. I’ll balance it out at a non-inspired 3 out of 5.

Now, as to Zari… I knew that item she was after looked familiar. I finally figured it out when I saw her powers in action and saw her last name on IMDB. Possible spoilers here, so be warned.

Zari is listed as Zari Tomaz. In the 21st century in DC Comics, Adriana Tomaz was the lover of Black Adam, and had her own powers as Isis. The amulet is a dead ringer for Isis’ pendant, and seems to have the same powers. This is the first link to any of the Marvel Family (as in the original Captain Marvel/Billy Batson/Shazam!) on any of the CW shows. I wonder if this is starting to pave the way for the upcoming Shazam and Black Adam movies.