5 Things to Love about Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming has been treated to positive reviews from almost everybody (92% of critics, 91% of users) and an average rating of 7.6 (which I think is a little low – I’m thinking 8.3) and man, is this better than The Amazing Spider-Man or what?  Here’s just five things I loved about Spidey coming home to the MCU.

No Origin Scenes
When I saw that trailer for Dawn of Justice, I just couldn’t believe they were going to include Batman’s origin.  AGAIN.  Look, I’m in my thirties, I know who Batman is and maybe there are kids who don’t, but that movie treats Batman Begins like some experience from ancient history.  Fortunately, even if the Toby Maguire Spider-Man was fifteen years ago,  The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t and they didn’t treat it as such.

Spider-Man actually seems like a teenager
Tom Holland may be 21, but it was nice to see a high school not littered with thirty-year-olds.  Peter and his friends look and sound like teenagers even if the actors portraying them are not and this not only helps inform their characters but also gives a much needed breath of fresh air into the crowded Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Embracing Ultimate Spider-Man and anything that works
This movie is stuffed with references to not only old Spider-Man comics but newer stuff like the Miles Morales Spider-Man.  In this case, Marvel took any idea that made for the best possible story and it paid off.

A new take on Spider-Man
Finally, a Spider-Man who is capable of experiencing joy!  I guess the sixth time is the charm, huh?  Although admittedly, it’s easier to have fun when you don’t have to watch Uncle Ben bite it.

No World Ending Stakes
Sometimes the Marvel movies get carried away and the threat of the end of the world gets stale and, in the solo movies, you can’t help but wonder why they don’t call in the rest of the  Avengers, but here, it’s more about watching Peter grow than saving the Universe.  Never underestimate the power of simple relationships between characters the audience cares about!

So that’s my quick list.  What did you love or hate about Spider-Man: Homecoming?  Drop us a comment and let us know!


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