The 5 Most Anticipated Superhero Movies of 2018


“The 5 Most Anticipated Superhero Movies of 2018” is an ambiguous title for a post, I know.  But it’s even more so than you think!  Here’s a brief look at what we’re talking about.

So I’m pretty sure FOX scraped the Gambit movie in favor of New Mutants and it’s supposed to come out next April, so I assume that means they’re shooting already or at least this summer, but I haven’t seen so much as a poster and that’s not a lot of time to put a movie together, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Meanwhile, here are movies that actually seem to be happening and that I’d actually like to see:

5. Ant-Man and The Wasp – July 6, 2018
The first one wasn’t great, but I like Paul Rudd and he had decent chemistry with Evangeline Lilly, so I’m willing to give this a shot.

4. X-Men: Dark Phoenix – November, 2 2018
Again, this franchise is not great, but it’s passable and has a GREAT cast. I’m willing to give them another shot.  The second wave of X-Men movies aren’t exactly classics, but they’re not outright disasters either.  They’re just solid entertainment, and that’ll do.

3. Black Panther – February 16, 2018
Marvel has made so many movies that I’m sure this movie will be solidly constructed if not memorable, but it will at least be different and Chadwick Boseman has already been introduced as T’Challa, so hopefully, we won’t have sit through too much exposition and origin.

2. Avengers: Infinity War -May 4, 2018
I have a hard time believing a movie with this many characters is going to work, but the Russo Brothers have made a believer out of me.  And the first ever big screen giant super hero event is just too much to pass up.  This may be the first movie ever that could suck but also be cool.

1. The Incredibles 2 – June 15, 2018
My expectations might be too high on this one.  I think the first Incredibles is easily the best Pixar film and one of the best superhero movies of all time.  TAKE MY MONEY!

And then there’s this stuff.  The stuff the world will have to tell me is great before I go see it.

Aquaman – October 5, 2018

The Flash – March 23, 2018

These movies are both in the same boat.  Warner Bros and DC have proved they can make a superhero movie that’s not awful with Wonder Woman, but after their first three attempts, they’re going to have to prove themselves to me every time out.  I’m not just going to show up and plunk down my money anymore.  If Justice League gets a good review from people I trust, cool, I’ll check it out, but it’s going to take a consistent track record before I become an opening weekend person for their movies.

Whatever other X-Men stuff Fox is churning out whenever the hell that is

I’m not the world’s biggest X-Men fan – I’m not sure I need X-Men and Deadpool and New Mutants and whatever the hell else they’re planning.  I thought Deadpool was funny, sure, but I’m not as high on it as everyone else was.  I’ll give it another watch, but the movie just didn’t grab me.  Ryan Reynolds is great, but I think Deadpool would work better in a team movie with lots of characters… we’ll see how that goes.

So that’s next year and yeah, regardless of how any of these movies turn out, we’re still living in a golden age of superheroes on the big and small screen.  What an amazing time to be alive!  If you would have given me this release schedule even ten years ago I’d of said you’re crazy.  Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.