5 Reasons to Quit Worrying and Love the DCEU


Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad… what do all of these movies have in common?  They have serious narrative issues AMONG OTHER SERIOUS ISSUES.  But it’s not all gloom for Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe.  Here are 5 Reasons to Quit Worrying and Love the DCEU going forward

5. Addition by Subtraction
Less Zack Snyder involvement at Warner Bros is good – sure, the reason he left is horrible, but you can’t deny that Snyder’s absence will yield a better product. The guy is just not up to the task – PERIOD.  We’ve seen his movies.  It’s not working.

4. The Actors
I’ve been happy with the actors in the DCEU.  Henry Cavill is a real find and Gal Gadot has IT.  I never knew what that meant before until I saw that woman on screen.  The camera loves her, whatever cliche you want to throw around, she just gets it done.  And Batfleck, well, I think we all know Ben Affleck is a good actor.  And of course, we have the great supporting cast of Amy Adams, Laurence FIshburne, Jesse Eisenberg… and we can’t forget Will Smith and Margot Robbie.  The talent is there, WB and DC just need to find the story that harnesses it.

3. The Wonder Woman movie
It CAN be done – Warner Bros can make a good DC movie even if it’s not perfect, it’s still GOOD.  Sure, we don’t get Chris Pine long term, but we still got a satisfying flick.

2. New personal
I’m not willing to anoint Joss Whedon the patron saint and savior of the DCEU just yet, but he could be.  I don’t think the first Avengers movie is perfect and Age of Ultron is clearly not perfect, but the former is at least better than the first three installments of the DCEU combined.  This gives me hope for his modifications to Justice League and the future for the Batgirl movie.

1. A 20+ movie playbook  is available – WB just needs to start reading it.
Disney and Marvel have partnered together to create a series of movies that is unparalleled in its… relative quality.  For so many movies, a shocking amount of them have been good or passable.  DC doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel – we’d be satisfied if they watched and did likewise.  And based on Wonder Woman and the Justice League trailers, it looks like they are.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Quit Worrying and Love the DCEU

  1. I will say that I have some degree of faith in the DC movies after Wonder Woman. Based on the strength of that, I might see Justice League in the theater. I skipped Batman v Superman: Zach Snyder is Still Afraid of Color because Man of Steel disappointed me so badly. And I was one of the few who apparently liked Suicide Squad. But I’m not ready to give them the same faith and trust Marvel has earned, especially based on the weird split/feud between DC’s movies and tv shows.


  2. My thoughts are with Snyder and his family during his grieving process. I enjoyed Man of Steel for the most part, but it was downhill from there a bit. I’m with you, if anyone can make a great ensemble superhero movie in the DC universe, it’s Joss Whedon.


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