5 Things I didn’t like about Wonder Woman


There are lots of things to like about the latest installment of the DCEU.  Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are charming, they have great chemistry together, Wonder Woman doesn’t murder everyone, etc, but a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes overlooks the 7.5 average of critic scores.  (We tend to forgot this – the percentage just means that 92% of critics gave the movie a score of 6.5 or higher.) Even good movies have flubs.  Here are 5 things about Wonder Woman that didn’t hit the mark.  (Check out the full review here.)



5.  Hey, what’s with those bracelets?
Wonder Woman does some badass stuff with her bracelets, but why do they create explosions and deflect bullets?  It’d be nice if they explained that.  At all.  I kind of remember the Post Crisis explanation, so I know they’re magic, but in the movie, they just are. It’s not the greatest moment for the story telling.

4.  The Lasso of Truth looks like crap.
This is just a matter of taste, but I hate how the lasso looks when it’s glowing. Come to think of it, some of the CGI looks unfinished or lazy or rushed or whatever – it’s not great. (I’m far from the only person to comment on this.)

3.  Wonder Woman isn’t the protagonist.
I’m not sure if any characters (Wonder Woman or Steve) really grow or change (I thought this movie was going to be about Wonder Woman learning not to believe everything she’s told, but nope, she was right the whole time – it was Ares), but the story is mostly about Steve – Diana is just along for the ride because she thinks it’s the right thing to do.  This doesn’t make the movie bad, I just hoped for more from Wonder Woman in a movie called Wonder Woman.

2. Does Sir Patrick’s plan make any sense?
I’m not sure it does.  He wants the Germans to deploy the gas, but then he sends Wonder Woman to prevent that. (I mean, she has Wonder right in her name!) Also, Sir Patrick is a character of peace – if he wants to make the war worse, why not masquerade as a German?  Or literally anyone else?

1. The action visual style is repetitive.
Slow motion. Close up of Wonder Woman reacting to bullets bouncing off her bracelets. Jumping. SO. MUCH. JUMPING!  Sure, there are writing beats I don’t love, but the trailer had me pumped for the action, and by the time we got to the No Man’s Land scene, I was already kinda bored with it.


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