quick thoughts Deadpool: No Good Deed

Ryan Reynolds is back as Deadpool with another tease.  This time, he’s cracking wise about old school Superman and Hugh Jackman while hinting at the future.

Yes, the Superman joke was a little on the nose what with the theme music and all and that was old even when the granddaddy of all superhero movies came out back in 1978.

But whatever, it’s all in good fun.  It’s one of those jokes; the longer it goes on, the funnier it gets.

And yes, the Hugh Jackman stuff was funny.  I particularly enjoyed the accent and the marquee in the background.  The real thing we got from this short video was the Nathan Summers revelation.


So I think this is as official as confirmation gets that Nathan Summers (aka Cable) will either be in Deadpool 2 or X-Force or both.  When the X-Men franchise jumped backwards in time and mostly retreaded the same characters, I thought that expansion of the universe was not in the cards, but here we are.

I tend to think that we should all thank our lucky stars that X-Men are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Univers. That next Avengers movie is crowded as it is and this gives Fox more room to further explore these characters and MCU more latitude to dive into stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy, which we NEVER would have gotten if the MCU had access to the X-Men characters.

So, Deadpool:  No Good Deed… it’s good.  Any excuse to see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, right?  Sure, it’s not great and it’s certainly not an essential watch, but I’m glad we live in a world where this exists.


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