Logan trailers are… for Logan


Who’s this?  Monster Face?

I love watching Hugh Jackman play Wolverine, so it’s a good bet that I’ll show up at the theater for Logan.  The trailers don’t exactly make me jump out of my seat, though.

So there’s this thing in movie trailer culture where you take an old, fast sold sung by a man and have a woman cover it and slow the tempo way down.  Apparently, that’s unsettling.  Or something.  Anyway, I guess they’re getting tired of that because instead, we get Johnny Cash covering “Hurt” by NIN.  So… OK, this actually seems appropriate.  I’d like to see a movie about how Wolverine faces death… oh, wait, is this about him being a dad in a post apocalyptic world?  And driving a lot?  Is this a road movie?  I want to see Wolverine kick ass, not drive!

Holy hell, did they put the classic X-Men comics in the movie?!?  Why?   And this movie is about family?  I… what…  why?

Wow, somebody figured out how to make “Amazing Grace” even slower than it already is!  Incredible!

And by all this I mean I don’t like this trailers very much or the story they’re hinting at.  But who knows, the movie isn’t even out yet and I like Jackman and Patrick Stewart playing these respective roles, so I’m down to give it a try.

Just dialing down expectations accordingly.