Kill or be Killed number Four


Here I am again, still beating the drum for Kill or be Killed. I guess someone besides me is reading it; issue number one is in its FOURTH printing! Ed Brubaker’s writing gives me noir fever (noir fever, copy write Jamie Insalaco) – catch it!!!

It’s not easy to review individual issues of a comic or episodes of a TV show, but Kill or be Killed is worth it. I mark the release dates on my calendar.


But what can I say without spoiling it for you? I’ll go with this:

The creative team continues to fire on all cylinders. Ed Brubaker gives us just as much excitement with action scenes as he does when delivering expositional dialogue, monologue, what have you. It is a wonder to behold.

I stared at the shelves of my LCBS for maybe a half hour when I picked this issue up, trying desperately to find something else to buy before giving up the ghost. I know it’s a high standard, but I just can’t find anything else that interests me. (I am tempted by Squirrel Girl…)  Kill or be Killed is the lone apple on a tree in a wasteland.

I recommend you eat it.


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