Marvel’s TL;DR – “What is Planet Hulk?”

In case you aren’t aware of Marvel’s new web series TL;DR, here’s their explanation:

So, right off the bat you can gather that Marvel seems to be missing the overall “this isn’t worth my time” message of the “too long; didn’t read” expression, but nevertheless, here’s their first episode on Plant Hulk

So… is it just me or did Marvel go out of their way to point out that Planet Hulk is a stupid story?  Are they mad at Greg Pak because he’s working for the Distinguished Competition?  Because it sure seems like they took the long way around the barn to call his story stupid.  Apparently, the story was Joe Quesada’s idea anyway, and they’re probably not trying to call these guys stupid… but the very term TL;DR implies that this story is not worth reading the spirit of the video is very much in step with that idea, so… what the hell is this?

I predict they will stop doing this by January unless there is a measurable uptick in related graphic novel sales.


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