Gotham is back and Jim’s character is more broken then ever! (Season 3 “Mad City” thoughts)

Look everybody, it’s Jim Gordon!  And he’s rounding up the criminally insane but he’s not saving Gotham because it’s not his job anymore! 


wha eva i'll do what i want

I’m sure there is a reason for some of you out there to tune in to Gotham’s third season beyond sheer morbid curiosity, but for me, “Mad City” holds about as much allure as this:


I will never stop posting this image as long as Gotham is on the air!

But maybe they’ve learned from their mistakes.  It’s possible!  Let’s see what they’ve got on tap for season 3:

So far, they’ve teased Grundy and Mad Hatter.  Huh.  These villains barely work in the animated shows, so I can’t wait to see their attempt to make this plausible.  Fish Mooney is back, so that’s… you know, whatever.  She’s not a particularly interesting character for me.  And apparently Poison Ivy is just going to be an adult now because fuck you, that’s why!

So there it is.  Jim Gordon acting out of character and a bunch of other characters I either don’t care about or seem too far fetched to work in even this setting.  Great!  Season 3!  Should be fun!


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