Thoughts on the WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer

DC Extended Universe (I looked it up and apparently, that’s what it’s called – who knew) is hitting us fast and furious with the Justice League trailer and now our first look at the Wonder Woman feature film.  Here’s my thoughts. 

  1.  The overall tone of the trailer pulled me in – I’m excited to see this movie.  I like the story notes they hint at, the visual style and the action sequences.  So far, I’m in.
  2. That Wonder Woman theme is bad ass – keep that rocking the whole time she’s kicking ass!
  3. It looks like they’re actually going to explain Femiscura and Diana’s origin – as opposed to Batman v Superman, where if you didn’t already know who Wonder Woman was, you were screwed.  I have no idea why this movie didn’t come out before that one, but here we are.
  4. Man, this movie (in part) looks a lot like Captain America:  The First Avenger.  Like, a lot.

But yeah, generally, this is on my list to see in the theater – I like the casting and the trailer looks good, so maybe this will be the movie that pulls me into the DC Extended Universe.


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