In a croweded Marvel marketplace, there’s no room for SHIELD in our house


As the winter of 2015 came upon us, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD went on its break.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this would have ramifications for my relationship with the show forever – not to mention the other Marvel TV shows.

carterOnce the second (and apparently last) season of Agent Carter finished its run, I was sufficiently and totally out of the Daisy and Her Agents of X-Men (my nickname for SHIELD) mindset.  Agent Carter delivered a much more interesting story and depth of character than I’d become accustomed to from SHIELD and did so in a delightful and bite sized chunk – a welcomed change of pace after the gluttony of the 16 piece bucket of fried chicken that is SHIELD.

To further hammer home the point that SHIELD is a bloated and inferior product, we then watched the second season of Daredevil which, while not as good as the first, was certainly superior to any season of SHIELD:  The Next Generation.  (This is what I used to call SHIELD when they flew around on the bus like it was The Enterprise D and got into random adventures during season 1.)  Then, I ate the first season of Jessica Jones up with a spoon and asked for seconds.

And there it sat on our DVR – the second half of SHIELD’s third season.  Would we ever watch it?  This question was answered last Wednesday when we switched providers and lost our recordings.  I’m sure we’ll have another chance on Netflix, but the real question is, do we want to watch it?


I’m pretty sure we never will. Now that Marvel is flooding the market with superior programming (IE Daredevil and Jessica Jones – and probably Luke Cage, too), why would we bother?  Between the first and second half of SHIELD’s third season, we were bombarded by 36 episodes of better TV.  Why in the hell would I bother to watch SHIELD and how many hours in the day does Marvel think I have for TV?

The answer is, we don’t have enough hours of TV watching time for SHIELD given its standard of quality.  What was once an everyman avatar for the viewer into the wackiness that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe has since transitioned into… I dunno, a CW styled X-Men show full of characters I don’t care about.  And what’s worse, I don’t feel like anybody’s talking about it – except to say that the Bobbi and Hunter spinoff had been cancelled but they’d already been written out of the show.  And I’m probably not the only one feeling the lack of excitement – the ratings did drop.

SHIELD has already been picked up for a fourth season (that will apparently feature Ghost Rider, because we all remember how well that worked out the last few times Marvel tried that), so whether I’m on board or not, more SHIELD is coming.  But given that new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Nick Cage (not to mention The Defenders) are also on the way, will you make time for Coulson and his Secret Warriors?

I won’t.


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