DC Super Hero Girls puts the “Her” in the wrong dolls


Congratulations, DC Comics – your inability to understand your own characters continues to impress. 

I mean, are they serious?  Harley Quinn is, clearly, not a hero.  SHE’S A BAD GUY!  What hell is wrong with DC?  How could they screw this up this bad?  I am baffled.  And the same year they have  the Suicide Squad movie coming out.  Unbelievable.  Hey kids, go see your hero, Harley Quinn, in the new Suicide Squad movie!  I’m sure it’ll be fine!


Also, this.  And it comes with a student ID card!  Great!  So Ivy can murder her fellow students!

This is insanity.  Look, DC, if you don’t have enough female characters to peddle your wares to kids, then just come up with some new characters, you boneheads!  Don’t just completely break the old ones!