even MORE Batman v Superman footage

In case you missed it, here’s 43 additional seconds of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I know this is becoming the order rather than an anomaly, but the question is, do you think it’s a good thing? 

Here’s a compilation of everything that’s been released – certainly over 10 minutes of footage.  They reuse a lot of stuff, so it’s hard to get an exact count, but 10 minutes seems like a fair guess.

So, do we really want to see that much of a movie before it’s released?  A marketing campaign this size costs over $100 million (apparently, the movie’s budget has soared to over $400 million, which is bonkers), and I know that’s the norm, but do we really need to be flooded with this much information?  The movie has Batman and Superman in it – even if it’s terrible, people are going to flood the theaters.  (The Transformers movie series has taught us this if nothing else.)

So why release so much footage?  And does it ruin your movie going experience?

The answer to the first question is probably tied in to the budget – they’re spending a half BILLION dollars on this movie, so Warner Bros has a lot at risk and they’re not going to take the chance of you (the audience for this movie) losing even one iota of excitement, so they keep throwing us cookies to keep our attention.  But does this work against the movie working as a piece of art as we might be bored going in since we already know so much of the story?  That’s a challenge for the story tellers, so the devil will be in the details.  If they execute a predictable story well, then we won’t care that we’ve already seen the populace turn against Superman, Clark and Bruce meet, Batman and Superman fight, Diana and Bruce kiss, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman face off against Doomsday and who the hell knows what else in trailers, commercials and other previews.

There’s only about 3 weeks until these questions get answered.  For the sake of DC fans everywhere, I hope Warner Bros doesn’t whiff again.


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