Come gamble with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman


Viva Las DC Super Heroes on slot machines! 

I’ve seen Batman on a slot machine before, but it was just a The Dark Knight promotional tie-in.  This new influx of machines feels like a strategy… although a carefully conceived one.

As you’ll see in the following photos, they’ve gone with a vintage approach.  You’ve got Linda Carter, Christopher Reeve, Adam West and Burt Ward rather than their contemporary counterparts.  Why?  Probably because it’s better business to use the overall DC brand in conjunction with gambling rather than specifically putting Dawn of Justice on a paid game of chance machine that would surely draw more attention from kids than this one – or, you could at least make that argument and not sound like a complete a-hole.

Holy gamblor, Batman!   Here’s the Bat-Slot Machine!



Finally, here’s the Superman:  The Movie machine – this one is hitting casino flowers just shy of the 40th anniversary. And by “just shy,” I mean two years early, so… yeah, this is here to cash in on Dawn of Justice.


So I looked at it and thought, “OK, gotcha, the main characters are there…  I’m getting a good look at the machine…



And then it started playing a scene from the movie.  Check out the center screen.  “You’ve got me?  Who’s got you?”  Yep.


And it kept changing, dispensing more information, including the fact that Clark Kent is wild.

Has that registered in your brain yet?  Clark Kent is WILD.

There you have it – cheap, manipulative tie-in or clever product?  You decide.

No, I’m just kidding, it’s a cheap, manipulative tie-in to drive the all important 18 to 21-year-old males to the slot machines.

Oh, and I’ve never seen a single Marvel machine on a casino floor – just saying.


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