Gotham Stories – a low content motion comic holdover until the series returns


In an effort to tide you over until Gotham finally returns from their winter break (the last new episode was shown on FOX on November 30 and they’re returning on February 29, so that’s essentially a 3 month break), they’ve dropped these extremely short Gotham Stories motion comics that really just illustrate all of the show’s weak points.

The actual content is about…  I dunno, 30 seconds per chapter, so you can blow through these in a few seconds, but the real question is, do you need to  and would you even want to?  For me, the answer is an unequivocal NO.  There’s nothing here you won’t see in the commercials and probably in episode 12, meaning they’re just wasting your time with a poorly executed montage that leaves out the best part of Gotham; the actor’s performance.   Just their voices is not enough and the cast is really the only reason to watch the show (I certainly don’t watch it for the story), so to not actually see the actors performing is simply an exercise is futility or perhaps a tribute to how much they bring to the show.

But ultimately, you have to shake your head at the lack of content which looks only more shameless as they stretch this into multiple “chapters.”  They just couldn’t put this all together in one video, huh?  I don’t get it.  Also, Mr. Freeze as an American accented vigilante?  Worse and worse.

And by all that, I mean Gotham Stories sucks.



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