’s supercut of all Super Bowl 50 Comic Book Movie Previews – Deadpool, X-Men, Civil War, Batman v. Superman has saved us all a bit of time by creating a supercut of all Super Bowl 50 comic book movie trailers.

The Deadpool trailers don’t exactly have me chomping at the bit to see this flick, but I remain cautiously optimistic as Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice to play Wade Wilson.

Case in point.

Case in point.

The new X-Men flick is another trailer that doesn’t generate any excitement in me, but I’m still sure I’ll get around to seeing it eventually.  Pretty sure this is the last time out for a lot of the cast from this soft reboot era.

I’m really pinning all my hopes on Civil War, particularly after Age of Ultron was such a let down.  Winter Soldier was exactly what I was looking for in a comic book movie, so I’m hoping for more of the same from the Captain America brothers.  (AKA The Russo Brothers.)

These new Batman v. Superman ads are… weird.  Maybe they mean something to DC Universe diehards, but to me, this reeks of that awful X-Men marketing campaign.  Since the previous trailer basically showed how the movie ends… I’ll get to this one when I get to it.


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