MAN OF STEEL toys forgot to have something to do with MAN OF STEEL


In the past, movies used to stuff the story with unnecessary characters, costume changes and vehicles so they could sell more toys, but Man of Steel clearly didn’t bother with that approach.


We all saw the movie – what were they going to do?  I don’t think anybody ever considered making a “Hobo Clark” action figure.  So, they went in the totally opposite direction.

That direction was “Make shiz up.”

Krypton Combat suit!  You know, for that scene in the movie… where Kal El goes back to Krypton… and fights… someone.  And who could forget Strike Shield Superman?  Because if anyone needs a shield and an axe that are different shade of blue than his weird armor, it’s Superman.  That’s right, Superman needs armor.  I mean, obviously.

So, what would you collectible fans rather have?  Batman Forever/Batman & Robin styled forced costume changes and Batmobiles with disco balls in the front?  Or this?  (Namely, stuff somebody pulled out of their butt hole.)


Choose wisely…