Suicide Squad movie trailer reaction


How many reasons can you think of to go see Suicide Squad?  Methinks one.

Let’s just be honest with ourselves: sure, it’ll be fun to see the first appearance on film of some of Batman’s neglected rogue gallery, but we’re really heading out to the theater to see Jared Leto’s take on the Joker.  There are a ton of drool inducing shots of the Clown Prince of Crime doing all sorts of wacky shiz and I think we’re all anxious to see how it turns out.  The movie is just the excuse.

Honestly, do you care what the Suicide Squad is saving the world from?  Even a little?  Nope.  We just want to see bad guys behaving badly – specifically, the Joker.

I do, at the very least, like DC’s approach, if not their execution.  Sure, we’ve seen just the one movie, but it’s clear what’s going to happen in the Batman v Superman flick, but at least they’re not going to make us sit through a bunch of tedious origins.  It looks like they’ll just let it rip and recount what’s necessary as the story unfolds.  I dig that.

But this movie?  It’s going to have to take us completely by surprise and deliver beyond expectations, because on the surface, this looks like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen all over again.

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