Independence Day: Resurgence trailer reaction


Will Smith passed on this one – maybe we should too.

We all know that Roland Emmerich loves blowing up large portions of the earth – the question is, do we need still want to plunk down are heard earned cash to see how he’s going to do it this time?  Particularly when you’ve already seen him do it this way?  For me, the answer is no – here’s why.

There’s just nothing compelling happening here – at least not enough to drag me into a theater.  I appreciate that most of the original cast has nothing better to do so they’re all back and Liam Hemsworth (not to be confused with brother Chris, the God of Thunder) and that’s fun and all, but if I’m feeling pains of nostalgia, I’ll go watch the original.  At least the first Independence Day knew it was ridiculous, so there’s a good time to be had there while people tell stupid jokes in the face of a world ending event.  This movie just looks like a big ol’ pile of 21st Century gloom, and who needs that?  I’ve already got plenty of woe on my calendar with Batman v Superman waiting it he wings.

Let me know how this one turns out.


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