HAPPY LIFE DAY! Celebrating our first anniversary here at CBC


I know, I shouldn’t invoke the Star Wars Holiday Special for any reason, but you’ve gotta love that Princess Leia song.  Anyway, Here’s a few news items, a quick look at our first year of publication and a few hints at what we’re working toward in 2016. 

In the news:

CBC Begins/Year One
I think we had a pretty strong first year.  We’ve posted over 300 articles/reviews/what have you and have amassed nearly 500 followers across all social media platforms.  Not bad for something that we’re only working on in our spare time!  Our most popular post was the Days of Future Past Rogue Cut announcement.

The Dark CBC Returns (coming in 2016)
Starting at some point around February 1, our posting frequency will go up – we’ll most likely start covering daily news items and things of that nature.  We’ll also expand into video posts, so we’ll be starting a YouTube channel soon.