X-Men: Apocalypse trailer – reaction & analysis


Yah, it’s Jubilee!

The first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse has dropped.  This is one of the most famous stories in X-Men lore, and I think we’re all anxious to see if they get it right.  Here’s our first – check out the trailer, reaction and analysis after the jump! 

Old roles, new actors
I never really understood my wife’s aversion to Ben Affleck playing Batman (she’s very #notmybatman), but now I finally get it.  I’m sure that in time, I’ll come to accept these new actors playing Scott, Jean and Kurt, but as of this trailer…


Oscar Isaac hopefully kicks it up a notch
I remember Kevin Smith recanting that Bruce Willis lamented Timothy Olyphant was playing the villain in A Good Day to Die Hard too weakly, and I feel the same way about Oscar Isaac… in this trailer.  Trailers don’t tell the tale, but here’s to hoping he brings it up in the film.


The special effects do not look great
Some of these CGI shots look like crap.  I know they do stuff now so it’ll look good in 3D, but Magneto looks like an actor standing in front of a green screen – and I know that’s what it really is, but good CGI fools you… and this doesn’t.  They still have time, so hopefully they will clean it up before release, but this is sub par for a Memorial Day blockbuster.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead, without a bald head!”
did we really need to see Charles with his bald head in the trailer?  Does anybody really think that’s important?  I’m looking for a good story – there’s already enough fan service here what with Jubilee and her coat… even if it’s in the movie, don’t put it in the trailer.

Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to seeing this movie, but if I miss it in the theater… whatever.  I’d like to see it on the big screen, but if time doesn’t allow, I’ll get over it.


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