Gotham S2 Ep10 review: “The Son of Gotham”


“The plunger is under the kitchen sink.”

The Penguin clogged The Riddler’s toilet. Is that not the perfect analogy for this show or what?  Only this show.  Here’s the deal with Gotham’s latest turd, “The Son of Gotham.” 

“Felix! Where’s the mustard?”
I guess this clinches it (pardon the pun); The Penguin and The Riddler are officially Gotham’s odd couple.  Once The Penguin clogged The Riddler’s toilet and had to call him at work to ask where the plunger was and then called back again later to ascertain the location of the spicy brown mustard in the fridge (one has something to do with the other, me thinks…), The Riddler might as well come home with a dust buster while Penguin organizes a poker game.


The Penguin did this once before in the classic Batman Animated Series episode, “Almost got ’em!”  This episode is ten times better than Gotham on its greatest day, and this isn’t even the best episode of BAS.  That would be “Perchance to Dream.”

“I’m a raving lunatic who sucker punches Galavan in front of civilians every chance I get.”
Jim, thy character is crumbling.  I am sick of Jim doing things out of character and I am equally nauseated of writing about it.  I appreciate that the guy is under stress, but he’s straight up crazy now.

“Just came by to make it clear to the audience that your trail starts tomorrow.”
Jim visiting Theo in prison is simultaneously lazy writing as it barely pushes the plot forward (it sure doesn’t accomplish anything character oriented) and is massively disrespectful toward the audience because the people making this show thing we forgot that Theo got arrested already.  F@ck this noise.

“Let’s fight!”
Tabitha and Alfred fight because

  1. Alfred needs something to do
  2. Bruce needs to be more vulnerable

Can you think of two characters who have less to do with each other? I guess Alfred fighting The Riddler would be weirder, but jeez; since there was no tension between these two characters, the fact that they started fighting just on the basis of a thirty-second exchange makes them both crazy people. Also, Alfred is hurt again?!? Jeez this show is lazy.

“I’m Batman.”
Bruce and Selina’s con of Silver is clearly the best thing to come out of this season to date. It showed growth for Bruce’s character as well as his relationship with Selina.  This is also one of the first times we’ve seen Bruce… you know, Batman someone with his giant Batman brain.  I loved it.

Man, this show is quite the enigma.  The performances carry it, the silliness holds my attention and the random (and all too infrequent) jems give me hope that some day, this show will transfer from nighttime soap to compelling drama.  I doubt it will ever happen, but it doesn’t seem impossible anymore.

The first half of season 2 wraps up next week (and then an insanely long 3 month break), so meet me back here next week to see if Captain Chiklis is working with Theo and if Bruce gets killed after signing over his company…  I’m going ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on these questions because with the former, that’s the kind of bullsh@t they do on this show and on the later… he’s Bruce Wayne.


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