Gotham S2 catch up: episodes 4-9


“They’re gonna develop this ‘I’m the Evil Mayor of Gotham’ thing over the rest of the season… right?”

Gotham kept plugging along while we were out-of-town, but thanks to DVR magic, we’re back on schedule with TV’s (presumably) silliest comic book show. 

All the fun kinda went out of this episode following episode 3.  It’s almost as though that was a separate mini season as the Maniax story has gone just as quickly as it arrived.  I suppose they served their purpose, but I sure do miss them.

“Strike Force”
Captain Barnes arrives (TV proto-cop Michael Chiklis) in the wake of the GCPD massacre and recruits Gordon, Harvey and some academy graduates to form the titular group that the show has basically already forgotten about by episode 9.  I thought they were going to develop some of these young cop characters… but NOPE!  I’m pretty sure we’re just on a long road to a Barnes is working for Galavan reveal.  Anyway, Alfred tells Selina to stay away from Bruce, Nygma finally hooks up with Ms. Kringle (Why are they both from the 1950s, by the way?), Bruce meets Galavan’s niece Silver and Barnes declares that Strike Force will now begin taking down Penguin.

The history between the Galavans and the Waynes is finally revealed.  It is not even remotely interesting, but whatever.  Theo promises some weird priest that Bruce will soon be dead, because that will accomplish… something.  (Revenge?  This stuff happened before Theo’s father was born, maybe even his grandfather…).    But just when I’m starting to get annoyed about a clear adversary for the Strike Force to fight, we get the arsonist gang!  This’ll be fun!  Oh… wait, they deserted the firebug girl?  Damn it…

“By Fire”
Bridgit (the firebug) went to live with Selina following the desertion… and then the arsonists immediately find and abduct her again, only to have her immediately flip out and kill them.  Then she is apparently killed in a fight with the GCPD, but then we learn that she is alive and her fireproof suit melted to her skin, making her invulnerable to fire and she’s in some secret hospital…  Sigh, only this show.  Speaking of “only this show,” Nygma accidentally kills Kringle after telling her he killed her abusive boyfriend.  So, if he wasn’t The Riddler after he killed that guy, can he PLEASE be The Riddler now?  Then at the end of this episode, Butch tells Penguin where Theo is holding his mom prisoner, so he assembles an army to go kick ass and rescue her-

“Mommy’s Little Monster”
-only to have his squad magically turn into two thugs, Butch (who is no longer conditioned to be loyal to Penguin) and himself.  They kill his mom (Because she’s too famous an actress for this show and also “All Gothamites must die.”) but Oswald escapes because people can only shoot straight in this show when it says so in the script.  Penguin then shows up with a squad of goons at Galavan’s victory celebration (all dressed like him, what was a nice touch… although how he inspires such loyalty, I have no idea) to wreak revenge, but is immediately stopped by Gordon because it says so in the script.  For the second time in the same episode, Penguin escapes AGAIN, but is at least wounded this time.  Finally, because they’re tired of filming the Nygma split personality scenes, his two selves merge.  PLEASE tell me this means he’s The Riddler now!

“Tonight’s the Night”
Barbara shows up at the GCPD, leads Gordon and the gang into a trap they all see coming a mile away but walk into anyway, kidnaps Jim, puts on a wedding dress and then falls out of a window but doesn’t die because the point of all this was Jim still has feelings for Barbara, which makes no sense.  This moves the plot forward because Barbara tells the GCPD where Mayor James is being held (why they never killed him is beyond me… oh right, the script), which is the proof the cops need to arrest Galavan.  Meanwhile, Galavan promised to reveal the identity of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s killer if Bruce sold the company to him, which he declines and Galavan destroys the evidence, which was presumably bullshit anyway because logically, he was behind it as part of his stupid revenge thingy.  After Galavan is arrested, Nygma finds the injured Penguin and takes him home so they can become best buddies.

“A Bitter Pill to Swallow”
Galavan’s sister hires a hitman to kill Jim (because… I dunno), and they shoot at each other for a while as attack after attack comes, but Strike Force no longer exists because this episode would make no sense if it did.  Anyway, I guess this is supposed to develop the friendship between Jim and Barnes.  Then Nygma and Penguin kill some faceless guy (we literally never see his face) because they’re best friends now. Alfred tells Silver to stay away from Bruce because her uncle was arrested last episode and that’s what Alfred does now – tell kids his own age to stay away from Bruce for no reason. Finally, weird religious people loyal to Galavan show up at the docks… I guess they’re pissed he got caught and are here to break him out.

So that’s where we’re at.  Gotham remains stupid, but entertaining.


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