Target makes with the Geek


If you wander around Target for long enough, you’ll find all sorts of Geeky stuff.  The Bee from Honey Nut Cheerios dressed as Darth Vader with a beehive lightsaber is JUST THE BEGINNING.

I mean… yeah… it’s the beginning, because it’s the first bit of the post.



Because no product tie-in opportunity can be missed, here’s an Avengers: Age of Ultron (like it matters that it’s Age of Ultron rather than just simply “Avengers”) pencil-case (I guess).  Is it just me or is Cap, Iron Man and Thor giving off a very “come hither” look?

I’m just saying, I think the fictional character on this product desire me.

In a sexual manner.


Speaking of sex, look who I caught banging in the furniture department!  This is how I found them.  And this is how I left them.

Because it is GLORIOUS!


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