Let’s put this “Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren” or a bad guy thing to rest (New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer)


I know I’m not the only one who was freaking out about the lack of Mark Hamill’s face in the Star Wars:  The Force Awakens marketing, but it’s time to relax.  Luke Skywalker is NOT Kylo Ren, the cross-guard lightsaber wielding masked villain of this new flick.  He’s not.  Here’s several reasons why. 


First, use your eyes and look at the pictures above, watch Kylo Ren move in the trailer – that’s not a 64-year-old man.


Again, let’s use our eyes:  here’s a guy with a bionic right hand in a brown hood with a white shirt patting R2D2 lovingly on the head.  That’s Luke Skywalker.  I figured this out back in April and forgot.  I’m a dummy.  They’re just saving that moment when Luke Skywalker is revealed for the movie.

Finally, that’s actor Adam Driver behind the mask, who plays Kylo Ren.  This is not open for dispute.


Also, here’s a moment from the new trailer where our heroes are getting saved by someone off camera.  This seems like a place where Luke Skywalker (or Leia) could make an entrance into the movie.

Anyway, there’s only 50ish days to go, so we’ll all find out soon enough.


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