Is the Hulk’s transformation a euphemism?


Stan Lee has often said that his characters exercise some demon of his own or something he saw in society.  Maybe the Hulk was how Stan felt about other men talking to his wife.  Or maybe it’s just a hilarious euphemism.  Childishness after the jump. 


So he goes from his own skin color to green, back to his own skin color, then orange, then… I dunno, maroon? Then back to green. Ah, the 1990s.

It never occurred to me until now, but what happens with ol’ Bruce Banner is he gets subjected to stimuli and then he grows.  If we were playing a Jeopardy styled game and I said, “The answer is:  This grows when subjected to a specific situation,” and if you buzzed in, “What is a penis?”  I would be all, “Judges?  Yes, we’ll accept that.  We also would have accepted The Hulk.”

I’m just saying.