Gotham S2 E2 “Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock” review


What a specific skill…

Gotham’s “Knock knock” continues episode 1’s tradition of being stupid, but tolerably so.  Also, this episode has a lot of Jerome, which helps.


As usual, Gotham is rife with story telling problems.  Theo Galavan has no clear motivation for anything he does, Bruce and Alfred’s relationship is much too dramatic and the GCPD continues to be the most inept police force ever.  But at least the show finally found some villains that could shoot straight.

How stupid was that interior scene of the Gotham Gazette? The editor and reporters were so dumb I wanted to punch them.

I have no idea why Tabitha and Barbara were still dragging the mayor around and whipping him at that point in the episode. I guess it’s for sex appeal, but it sure is stupid.

Why does every plot point concerning Bruce have to include a healthy dose of stupid?  “You’re my legal guardian. You’re fired. Abandon me, a 12-year-old boy who is clearly willful enough to get himself hurt. Also, Jim, are you OK?” I guess Alfred is trying to teach Bruce a lesson… but Alfred did buy a train ticket, which seems to be taking things a bit far. See, he was really leaving – the writing is just that bad. (We did get rewarded with the Lucius Fox scene, so that was nice.)  Then Alfred and Bruce run down to the war zone that is the police station because… I dunno know why.  We already know Bruce sees Jim as a father figure.  I don’t see why they need to beat this drum so often, and this time, it was over the top.

I don’t get why Jim lost that fight with the big dude so easily. He didn’t go for his gun after he lost it, he didn’t even try to counter the obvious blow – he just stood there and took it. Not typical Jim at all.  I hate it when people act out of character because it services the plot!

I also don’t know how that dude missed Leslie; she wasn’t very well hidden. They could have at least put her under the table, hidden by the sheet and had her pop out after that dude left.  So lazy.

Bullock’s insight helping Jim break the case was… wait for it… stupid. “Hey, here’s the most obvious place to start. If you didn’t do that yet, you’re a fool, but… whatever. This show is written by ten-year olds.”

Two lighters not working is very much “the villains can’t shoot straight,” so that was sad to have such a trop return. Jeez, guys, write a second draft, would ya?

Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome is quickly becoming must see TV. “Everyone has to start somewhere.” You’re damn right.  Watching this guy go to war with the Penguin is going to be fun.

So I guess Jim is the commissioner now. Already. Season One moved too slow and now Season Two is moving much too fast.

I am already tired of Nygma fighting with his other personality. Just let the tough guy take over! We already got a full season of the wimpy Ed, just move on!  This is not fun to watch! I am so sick of watching him (badly) hit on Kristin.  Please, please make this stop.

Gotham is what it is; not great, not terrible.  I’m glad the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but they could tighten up the writing. But it’s not nearly as annoying as it was last season, so that’s a plus.

I assume that next week, we’ll see how Penguin reacts to the Maniax.  Join me back here next week for more stream of consciousness complaining!


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