Gotham S2 E1 “Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do…” review


“I’m twitching a lot, so that must be foreshadowing that I’m gonna turn on the Penguin! Or not – this is Gotham, after all.”

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but here I am, back for a second season of Gotham.  So far, the show still isn’t great, but this premier beats last season’s  weekly frustration fest.  I mean hell, they used Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” for the opening montage.  That song’s great, right? So that makes the episode great, right?  I feel like that’s the kind of logic the writers and producers use when they create these episodes.  Let’s dive in!


My complaint-fest begins with that weird peanut butter bit in the kitchen.  What was the point of that?  Just random weirdness, I guess.  But now we know the Penguin prefers smooth peanut butter, so… character development.

I am so annoyed that neither Alfred nor Bruce were able to guess the correct password for the door and instead built a bomb and blew the door of the hinges.  I guess it’s supposed to show us that Bruce is still young and not Batman yet and also Alfred is dumb.  Character development!

Gordon tells Penguin “You set me up,” after he has to shoot the gangster from whom he went to collect the debt from, which is dumb because Gordon is dealing with gangsters, not the Boy Scouts.  Character regression!

Meanwhile at Arkham, the gas released just at the right time to free the exact inmates they planned to free because the bad guys just hang out together in coed rooms.  “Hey, what’s that on the floor?  Is that the script?”

Why is Nygma delusional now?  Because he murdered someone?  That gives you dual personalities?  Huh…  I guess… I mean…  uhm… yeah.

Meanwhile, I like the idea that Barbara is this universe’s Harley Quinn.  I love the idea of that dynamic between Jim as a reinstated detective and Barbara and the Joker reeking havoc.  That’s actually a fun story we’ve never seen before!

While it may sound like I hated this episode, I actually didn’t.  Sure, it was stupid, but not frustrating, and that’s a big difference.  Maybe this is the start of an all new Gotham; one that’s not amazing, but doesn’t make me want to carve my own heart out with a spoon.

We’ll see…


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