All New Captain America Special #1 review


It was the best of times, it was NOW – not as in Marvel Now, but All New, All Different Now, or whatever Marvel is calling their latest reboot before they reboot again next year.  Anywhere, here’s my review of All New Captain America Special #1. 

You’d think something with a #1 on the front would be a good place to jump back in, right? Well, it also has the word FINALE on the cover, so I guess this is my fault.

I don’t want to dive into specifics:  instead to generalize, the art is bad, Spider-Man is annoying rather than funny (and totally out of character, behaving as a rank amateur, unless I missed it and he’s 16 again) and comparing Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson is just dumb – they’re very similar people.  Sure, Sam is generally better at making decisions as he’s action oriented and Steve agonized over every detail to a thought, but we’re splitting hairs.  That’s why Bucky as Cap worked so great; they developed a character who had a radically different approach, but Sam is basically the same guy as Steve, but, as Spider-Man put it, “with bird powers.”  Sam’s just not an interesting featured player, he’s a side character – not a side sidekick, but just not a headliner.  Anyway, Sam “plays to his strengths,” the day is won, Spider-Man is useless, Sam looks like he got stung by a thousand bees and then this turns into an issue of Spider-Man, which it basically was the whole time anyway.

This special sucks – the art and storytelling are terrible.  I will do my best to never think of it again.


“What’s wrong with your faaaaaaaace?”

Sometimes, it’s that simple.

And then, because Marvel Comics thinks we’re deaf, dumb and blind, we’re getting this in November, which is annoying because Sam Wilson as the Falcon isn’t new or different, but him and Steve are mad at each other for some reason?  Please stop, Marvel.  Stop with the pseudo Civil War stuff.  Everyone can’t be fighting with each other all the time.



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