Movie Review Link Dump: Catwoman, Darkman & More


Here’s some reviews and other stuff I’ve been dropping on my site recently – I think they’re relevant for CBC! 

Catwoman (2004):    I’d pass on Catwoman unless you’re a comic book movie completist or a so bad it’s good/worst movies ever sort of person.

Darkman (1990):  Not a comic book movie, but done in the spirit of comic book movies.  Worth checking out for fans of the genre and anyone who likes Liam Neeson.  You’ve got to see the carnival scene!

The FP (2011):  it’s not a comic book movie, I just thought it was awesome and wanted to pass it along.

HBO should create a Harry Potter TV show rather than reboot the movies – just an idea.  Check it out here.

Finally, I’m pretty sure Princess Peach is saying something without saying something, know what I’m sayin’?



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