Star Wars notes


the main cast of Star Wars Rogue One

There’s a bunch of Star Wars stuff happening. To some, it’s everything – to others, it’s a whole lotta nothing.  You decide! 

Above is your first gritty look at the cast of Star Wars:  Rogue One.  I guess this is the first “in-betweener” movie for the new trilogy (are we calling this the Sequel Trilogy?  I guess so.) – meaning this will be released between episodes 7 and 8.  Right?  Then a Han Solo origin movie between 8 and 9?  Or something like that.  What a crazy time we live in!


For the collectors in the crowd, the Kylo Ren black series figure is all the rage right now.  He looks like a bad ass, but without context… it’s just some dude in a mask.  (I’m patiently waiting for Leia to tell this guy, “You’re no son of mine.”  Anyway, that’s my theory.)  Also, there’s a bunch of LEGO stuff here.


Three surprises for me with this first official poster for The Force Awakens:

  1. That dude is a Jedi?  I never would have thought so based on the trailer…
  2. Harrison Ford is on the poster.
  3. Mark Hamill is NOT on the poster.


The Star Wars Launch Bay will be at the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and in Tomorrowland at the Disneyland park, depending on which coast you’re on.   It’ll be the usual “Disney Presents a room full of stuff” as I call them.  They’re also going to add new planets to the Star Tours attraction.


They’re also going to make Space Mountain all Star Wars-ish – by the poster, I guess this is only happening in California.  They’re also going to add a few Star Wars based fireworks show and an update to the Jedi Training dealy for the kids.


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