Thoughts on the Deadpool Red Band Trailer

Finally!  We’ve got an entire Deadpool trailer to work with!  If you ever wondered if the comic gods would give us the Deadpool movie we deserved, it looks like that question might be answered in the affirmative as it’s red band.  RED.  BAND. And it’s perfect.  Here’s four reasons that this trailer has me pumped for this movie. 

After Deadpool fans nearly had kittens after X-Men Origins:  Wolverine, we’re getting the proper DP origin this time.

Ryan Reynolds clearly has no problem making fun of himself with an overt reference to his Green Lantern disaster of a movie (which wasn’t his fault, by the way) while giving us the fourth wall breaking that Deadpool fans expect.

Colossus (and more importantly Deadpool) look like they do in the comics – that’s a welcomed change from… almost all comic book movies that came before the MCU.

This trailer has Deadpool kicking ass as only Deadpool can – unnecessarily flamboyant and violent.  It’s perfect.

Pumped for this movie!


One thought on “Thoughts on the Deadpool Red Band Trailer

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