Avengers at the grocery store



If you’re hungry (or thirsty) for more Avengers action that is tied in to Age of Ultron in at least name, then head to your local grocery store to find out what justice tastes like!(Spoiler alert – it tastes like sugar.)


If the official Avengers: Age of Ultron cereal wasn’t doing it for you, then you can always follow your nose over to Froot Loops.  (Parents – notice that they are “Froot” Loops and not “Fruit” Loops.)

But yeah, official cereal of the movie… I don’t know if we’ve seen the like since the Nintendo Cereal System.  (That was a tasty cereal… but not as good as the TMNT cereal.)


Anyway, if neither of those work for you, you can get your Krave on in one of two chocolate styles.


Or just drink up some Nesquik, because they will literally put their likeness on any food product marketed toward children.

Full disclosure:  we didn’t buy any of these products, but we would have purchased the official cereal if it met with our self-imposed dietary constraints just because the box is so awesome.

But… yeah.  Marketing!


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