X-Men: Apocalypse photo roundup


EW continues to drop photos (here and here) of X-Men: Apocalypse while we wait patiently for a trailer.  This cover is clearly the biggest bomb let loose as it gives us a first look at the man himself, En Sabah Nur.   And there’s a lot more.


The gang is back together.  That’s great, I dig these guys.


Quicksilver is back, too – nice.  I guess they got new uniforms.



And we have our baddies – I guess this new, younger Storm is going to start out on Team Africa, which makes sense.




Here’s another look at the back of Apocalypse; there’s a lot of detail on that costume.

Trying to figure out what’s continuity in the X-Men series is like trying to solve a maze while sitting on the back of a motorcycle as it speeds over a bumpy dirt road.  Future Past retconned… at least the end of The Last Stand, right?  It also seems to have changed Nightcrawler’s very birthdate… but whatever.  Here’s the recasted roles and finally, we’re getting Jubilee.




So, what does all of this mean?

Right off the bat, we know there’s going to be a shit ton of characters in this flick, which kinda makes me nervous, especially after the near cluster f#ck that was Age of Ultron.  It’s fun to have all our old friends show up and new versions of characters we haven’t seen in a long while, but the blackbird is getting awful crowded.  The good news is the movie going audience already knows these characters from the previous films, so hopefully, we won’t have to go through long origin scenes and they’ll all simply be new students and we’ll learn about them as they get to know each other.  That’d be ideal, but if we have to sit through scenes introducing us to Jean, Scott, Kurt and Jubilee as well as Apocalypse, Ororo (Storm), Betsy (Psylocke) and who the hell knows who else… that could take up half the movie right there.  And yeah, the movie should be about where En Sabah Nur comes from, but if they try to explain histories for everyone, the movie is either going to be six hours long or terrible.

Or maybe they’ll do another montage; that worked well enough in First Class.

At this point, I don’t know what to expect and I’m nervous about the end product.  Once we get a trailer, we can at least get a feel, so until then… I dunno.  Here’s to hoping.


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