Thoughts on the second Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

Trailer Two for Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice has me doing a totally 180 on the flick after the first one.  Here’s why. 


You don’t get to just knock down buildings and snap someone’s neck – that’s what this movie seems to truly be about.  This idea intrigues me; the end of Man of Steel was absurd, but this movie seems to be aware of that fact, which I like very much.


Bruce was THERE
I love the idea that Bruce was there the day Metropolis got it’s ass kicked by the Kryptonians.  He knows, first hand, that Superman is dangerous.


Zod clone?
Folks (Lex) are messing with Zod’s body and there’s someone flying whose face is hidden and isn’t working his ass off to save people…  I can’t believe Superman would stand there posing like that – not even this version of Kal.  Hence Lex’s comment, “The red capes are coming.”  Plural – not just one cape.


Weird Superman army?
Or, that could refer to these guys.  Are these guys Zod clones?  Or just crazy a-holes?  Since they’re covering their faces, I tend to assume they’re clones… no, maybe not.  They don’t seem that strong.

“You’ll talk when we tell you to!”
Batman talked in the first trailer; no heroes were allowed to talk in this trailer.  That’s… uhm, a choice they made.  I guess it works because this trailer rates fairly high on the awesome scale.

“We’ll show you to be people when we’re good and ready!”
Two trailers and still no Aquaman.  Again, they made a choice.  They’re either saving him or embarrassed by how silly he looks… I guess.


Sigh, Superman is still Space Jesus.
It’s like the people in Dawn of Justice saw the first movie and were thought, “Wow, there’s a lot of Jesus allusions in this movie.”  I’m still not interested in seeing a movie where Superman is worshipped as a messiah figure because he’s space Jesus, but this could be the best possible version of that movie.

Still, this looks like a movie.  The first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was just, kinda… I dunno.  Whiney.  Boring.  No fun.  This trailer, on the other hand has action, drama… real emotion.  They’ve got my attention now.

I just hope they know what to do with it.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the second Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

    • yeah, most action trailers are similar; they all start slow, have a quick montage at the end… it’s what the do with those beats that counts and this time, I think they did a much better job than their first try.


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  2. As much as I’m stunned to be saying this, I’m not going to see this movie. They continue everything I thought was wrong with Man of Steel. Superman isn’t dark. Batman, sure. Superman? No. This did open my eyes to what part of the problem is, and I’ll be doing a piece on that later. But I didn’t like Man of Steel at all, and I chose not to give them my money for continuing the same “vision.” When you manage to make Bruce Wayne (not even Batman, just Bruce) look more heroic than “Superman,” you’ve got a problem.


    • I THINK they’re trying to do a perception is reality sort of thing – many in the public see superman as bad because he knocked over several buildings. (Others see him as a God) I don’t think superman is dark in MAN OF STEEL, just brooding, but I felt he knocked that off by the end of the movie, so I have hope for this one


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