Thoughts on the first Suicide Squad trailer

It’s another trailer with another creepy cover of an old song.  This has quickly become the most overused technique in movie marketing history, so will the Suicide Squad movie be as generic as its commercial?  Here’s my take (after the jump). 

I think we can see where this movie is going: Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) will bring in the currently imprisoned bad guys to use as her Suicide Squad (wow, they had Will Smith drop the name in the trailer), which Batman does not like.  By the end of the film, they all get away and we get to see the DC heroes spend the next 10 years (and as many movies) trying to round them up.  I guess DC favors a top down approach; just drop in all the villains at once; if it works for the heroes, why not the villains?  I tend to agree with this; why not have pre-established relationships going into the solo hero movies?  It’ll save a lot of uninteresting exposition and give credit to the audience.  Movies often assume we live in a bubble, but The Dark Knight very wisely assumed that the audience knew who The Joker was and just jumped right in and I think we all remember how well that worked out.


So, I guess Harley Quinn is in this movie?  She seems to be in the trailer a lot.  I’m very curious to see how this character works in live action and if she’ll generate any of the sympathy we felt for her animated counterpart.



I have to say, Jared Leto’s brief appearance as The Joker actually made me feel better.  That photo they released…  it didn’t work for me, but I like the idea that we’re going to actually see The Joker be blood thirsty rather than just hear about it.  At least, I’m getting that impression, but I also feel like they’re trying to romanticize the character (hiring Jared Leto, having him strut about with his shirt off) much like the conversion of vampires from sexual beings to love interests.

I’ve got to be honest with you, this premise doesn’t intrigue me.  I’m not familiar with the comic and frankly, it doesn’t get any lamer that Captain Boomerang and a live action Killer Croc is probably not going to work, so… is it just me?  Maybe some folks are excited about this, but not me.  I’ll catch this one on Netflix.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the first Suicide Squad trailer

  1. I’m on the fence, but I like the overall better than BvS. I’m completely turned off by WB/DC’s Justice League stuff right now, but that’s just me. For Suicide Squad, I’m a little more intrigued. It seems to definitely hold that darker tone but may infuse more fun into the movie than Man of Steel’s tone that seems to what WB is going for with the entire DC movie universe.

    You bring up a good point about Harley Quinn, though. Are we going to be able to sympathize or even like her? She may end up stealing the whole damn show too. I know I definitely was somewhat captivated by her whenever they did show her. However, that might just be best categorized under the physical attraction to the actress column.


    • I think I SHOULD be more excited about Suicide Squad; it’s something I’ve never seen before… but I can’t get all worked up about it. I think I’m getting more excited about batman v superman because I like the idea that man of steel’s events have consequences AND I like the idea of Affleck as Batman.

      Well, no doubt, that actress playing Harley is a beautiful woman, but I’m not familiar with her work… I am getting the impression she’s playing a nasty character, so we’ll have to see what qualifies as a protagonist/anti hero when we finally see the flick.


  2. The 80’s Suicide Squad was a FANTASTIC book. It remains one of my favorite comic runs. The movie has potential. Guess we’ll see. I’m planning on seeing this.


  3. I’m curious to see the actual execution of introducing this many characters at once. Marvel usually only introduced a few characters at once, but then in Age of Ultron, they brought in four new characters which I tend to argue did not work so well. Suicide Squad has, what, 10 members? seems like a lot for one movie… I thought they were biting off a big piece with Batman v Superman!


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