EW’s Batman v Superman photos actually excite me


So far, the trailer and various propaganda for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice haven’t gotten me excited about the movie, but Entertainment Weekly’s photos have pushed me from dreading the inevitable to cautiously optimistic.  Check out the screen grabs after the jump! 


This is the one that does it for me.  Just seeing the holy trinity of the Justice League together in live action and Batman in a suit that kinda looks like the comic book… I get misty just thinking about it.


This is the bit that’s got me worried:  the whole “Superman is Jesus” subplot from Man of Steel didn’t do anything for me and I’m not looking forward to more of the same, but such is life.


I am, however, excited about the idea that Batman and Wonder Woman are together in their, “Hey, that Superman guy got into a fight in Metropolis and knocked down like 10 buildings.  He probably means well, but somebody has to reign that idiot in.”  If done well, that could be really interesting.


If Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t whip that wig off and declare himself “the greatest criminal mind of the twenty-first century,” I’m going to be very disappointed.  Also, someone on twitter referred to this picture as a promotional shot from the Ghostbusters Origins: Vigo movie, which is hilarious.


“Hi, I’m Bruce Wayne. A few months ago, Superman broke Metropolis. I’m here to let you know that the Wayne Foundations is here for you with shovels, garbage bags, etc to help clean up this mess…”

Again, I like the idea that Bruce Wayne is using his resources to clean up Superman’s collateral damage – at least that’s what I think is happening, because he sure does look clean and he’s wearing a different suit than he is in the other photo.


Oo, rain – it’s all gritty!  It’s got to be gritty, folks.  Want to bet Superman invents the Bat Signal in this universe?

Anyway, for some reason, these pics put a smile on my face in a way the trailer did not.  Do you dig this pics?  Am I way off on the trailer?  Let me know in the comments!


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