Thoughts on the Spider-Man Reboot


The star and director of your new Spider-Man movie, coming in 2017.

Due to Sony’s complete and total inability to sustain a Spider-Man franchise, your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler is getting folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a new star and director.  Is this a good or bad thing? 

1.  This is probably a good thing
Generally, more comic book movies than less if a good thing if you like comic book movies.  On the other hand, I don’t exactly love any of the first five Spider-Man movies, but…  sixth time’s the charm, right?  But since this will be an MCU movie, it’ll probably be passable at worst and Guardians of the Galaxy at best.

2.  Maybe it’ll be the shot in the arm the MCU needs
I like the idea of going with a young, teenage Spider-Man.  The MCU desperately needs a vulnerable everyman the audience can relate to and this new, younger, Spider-Man could be it.  I’m hoping that Spider-Man could be the breath of fresh air we’ll need when Infinity Wars turns into the convoluted mess Age of Ultron has me worried it will turn into.

3.  Thoughts on the new guys?
Yeah, I don’t know these dudes, so I don’t have any.  Both Tom Holland and Jon Watts have short resumes, but I’m sure Disney and Sony didn’t pick these two guys out of a hat.

It can’t be any worse than Amazing Spider-Man 2, right?



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