Iron Man and Batman Figures for collectors who must have it all


Here’s some figures to bring out the collector in you – two Iron Man armors from Age of Ultron and a Batman figure unlike any figure of any kind I’ve ever seen. 

Here we have Iron Man figures that are different somehow:  the Mark XLIII and the Mark XLV.  I feel like I’m doing one of those “Spot the Difference” tests from Weekly Reader.


I guess the top of the chest is different, and maybe the shoulders… seems minimal to me.  But I guess there are folks out there that must have it all.  If Iron Man switched suits in the movie (besides the Hulk Buster), I completely missed it.


I don’t especially like this Batman figure, but Jim Lee’s Blueline edition is at least unique.  I could see why a collector would want this in a non-completist sort of way.

Anyway, if you hate your money, go for it!


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