MCU Presents: Captain America Fashion Show


In his appearances across four movies, Captain America has changed his costume almost as often as Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace.  One can never tell what Cap is going to wear – let’s take a look at the aesthetic choices Marvel has made for the Big Blue Boy Scout thus far. 

The First Avenger has the most options for the Captain America who’s out on the town:  you’ve got the USO tour outfit, which kinda looks like the original comic book outfit (no chain mail shirt, no spandex), his first mission outfit that was just thrown together, and then the battle suit.  I’m a big fan of that battle suit look!


That’s the The First Avenger battle suit on the left and then the first Avengers movie on the right.

What the hell happened?  The costume from the first Avengers movie is AWFUL.  (Thor was also looking crappy in Avengers after strutting around in style in his solo movie debut.)  The guy on the left means business; the guy on the right is here to pose for pictures at your kid’s fifth birthday party.


Then, we get to the Winter Soldier and everything is working.  At right, we get a play on the Commander Rogers outfit from the comics with a modified shield design that functions as a stealth suit.  Then, we get back to the red white and blue at the end of the flick at left.  (Sorry, I put the pics in the wrong order.)  Strangely, the classic suit is different from The First Avenger (most notably at the ab stripes) despite the fact that Cap steals the uniform from a museum, but it’s close enough.


Cap gets yet another outfit in Age of Ultron and although I think the red white and blue from the solo movies is superior, this is fine.  It’s all about the mask; they made this big brow profile in the first The Avengers movie and it looks terrible, but this time around, they did a better job.  (I’m still waiting for Cap to utilize that utility belt… but whatever.)

Does it bother you that superheroes keep showing up with new outfits with little to no explanation?  I guess it’s only bad when they screw it up!


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